It has been observed by a recent statistics, at one point there have been 40% of the women and 60% of the men are reveling in an extra-marital affair and this ratio is increasing very rapidly. By putting these ratios together we can make an estimate that 20% of the marriages are indulging in an extra-marital affair, while others are not making their partners cheat.

By this growing number of the extra-marital affairs there are greater chances that someone who is very close to you, may involve in an extra-marital affair very soon. At that time you may know about the extra-marital affair of your partner as you will notice some indicating signs. You will see some notable changes in the habits of your partner and the behavioral patterns of the individual and a detachment as well. You will sense the lack of concern and focus and the productivity is reduced as well. May be you notice that something is going wrong or out of character and may be you cannot judge, what the matter is.

Usually the person having extra-marital affair will never tell you and will conceal from you. And most probably if the other person came to know about the extra-marital affair of his or her partner, they may distress with anger at least in the initial stages and badly hurt which may lead him or her to take any dangerous step.

The thing which is important to know and understand that there are different extra-marital affairs and they are of different purposes. It has been identified that there are seven different kinds of extra-marital affairs.

Briefly, some people has an extra-marital affair because of lack of understanding, mutual affection and close attachment to their partners. While some of them wants an extra-marital affair due to any sexual distressing or confused or have a disturbing experience.

Some people in our society who always want to become superior to others because of power and entitlement and their mentality urge them to accept the extra marital affairs and this is a normal place for them.

Some of the people involved in the extra marital affairs as they love to create the drama and high need for excitement and are capturing the fascinated attention of people being in love or they are supposed to have feelings or emotions of love.

Or so people have the extra marital affairs with the intention to take revenge with their life partner as to make them realize if they are practicing something wrong and did not accept your order or against your decision.

Some of the extra marital affairs are because of collusion with your partner or lack of mutual affection and trust in the marriage. You have to keep balance in your relation as to avoid such type of affairs for a happy married life because it has major negative effects which can ruin your life.

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