A relationship exists because of the love, concern and understanding between both of the individuals. And if one of them is not satisfied from the other because of any physical or emotional need or feeling lonely, then there are good chances of extra-marital affairs as he or she may go outside as to fulfill the needs and make him or herself comfortable. If any of them came to know about the extra-marital affairs of their partner, the relationship may come to an end or if they compromise as to stay, then they can continue and forgive, but in all cases the extra marital affairs are always risky and leave negative effects sometime of a major level which can never be ignored for a component of life.

These effects may be of various kinds which are as follows;

Damage to Self Esteem:

If any of the people is coming to know about the extra-marital affairs of his or her partner or being screwed by their partner, then he or she has to endure a shock on their self respect. Usually there may come different thoughts in their minds which can destroy the ability to think positively, such as, “was I so much bad or not enough for him or her?” or “If I was doing good it would never happen.” It is totally resembles to the case when there is any divorce of parents, their children blame their self and lose their self esteem.

It happens in most of the cases that people blame their selves in this situation and there are strong chances that they may harm their selves in response to this. It was not your decision to cheat your partner, although you both were having problems and was not comfortable with your relation but whatever was the situation that was not your decision to have an extra-marital affair.

Lack of Trust:

If any one has been cheated or comes to know about the extra-marital affair of his or her partner, it becomes very difficult and sometimes impossible to trust once more with your partner. Their thoughts may become doubtful while making judgments of others. Even if, both agree to make their relationship end or started their lives by entering into a new relationship, the baggage of unfaithfulness can follow.

Sense of Instability:

You may feel that everything has destroyed and you will never come out of this state of affairs. Everything about your life which makes you feel secure has gone upset. Generally everyone who is passing through this situation feels that you have been pulled out from the surface. You should look up the skills of your survival from your past as to make your realize that you can cope with this situation too.

Roller Coaster of Emotions:

After this awful place of your lifespan, it is obvious you feel or want to cry and you express extreme pain or emotion. You started blaming her today, blame him tomorrow, at the same time you blame yourself as well. Never stuff your emotions. It is normal.

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