Many theories of evolution, Gender discrimination, Cultural theories Let us know that man has more desire of sex as compared to women. Men have more sex desire both in power, strength and frequency, want to have many partners and faces more difficulty in monogamous relationships. Married men have more affairs as compared to married women.

Studies show that the main thing extra-marital affairs contains is sexual desire, but sexual desire is not only primary reason that drive married men to have an affair. As researched by Gary-Neuman that only 8% of extramarital affairs was due to sex dissatisfaction.
Arranger surveys show that 56% of male who have extra affairs satisfied with sex relationship with their wife.

Few Reasons I find which cause extra martial affairs :

Thanks to evolution of physiology, we have found that only a rare number of men show their emotions and worries about themselves to their families, friends or colleagues, as compared to women.
Even research has also shown that men will talk to kids about sports, but they don’t talk about issue related to marriage.

And the reason many people tell about why they don’t talk is they will face criticism if they talk to their partners. 48% men show the main cause of cheating is because they was emotionally dissatisfied.
One reality is, a man emotionally alone as compared to women. Women turn to any-other women who hear her perspective and feelings, And only a few men often do this. Which makes them more vulnerable to extramarital affairs.

Mens Are Not Cheaters :
about 80% of men showed they never imagined about this , until it actually happened.

Men Make Affair with women they know :
Men mostly make the affair with women they know, that could be his friend or colleague, about 60% of affairs start at work.
Suddenly, when men feeling alone and need attention, someone appears to him with interest and soul appreciation, Give me thinking to have extra affair and arouse their sexual desire. The positive attention of the female makes men feel more tempted and eroticized.

Affairs Are Uncovered And Many People Suffers :
It doesn’t matter how much you hide your affair, One day affair shows-off, and 70% of men feel guilty about their extramarital affairs. And 68% of people faced divorce after their affairs showed-off.

Repair and Renewal :

A 2004 statistic report showed that 27% of divorces in marriages were due to extramarital affairs.
If both partners still want their marriage to survive, but marriage can’t afford any affair. But there are many partners who go through this pain and guilt and mutually renew and repair their marriage again.

if a men can’t find his partner from whom he can share his feeling and words, if he can listen or speak, will cause extramarital affair. In simple : “he may have good marriage about which he can speak.”

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