The Media continually exposes celebrity affairs, last year 26 celebrity extramarital affairs were exposed. Even these individuals also contains many religious figures, actors, politician and athletes. Well, our main concern is not to talk about media trends. I tried to explain the reasons which cause this extramarital affair. Men can’t afford affair and its effect can destroy a marriage. I can’t quote here a single reason for affairs. The reasons are very complex that why married men have affairs. I will first talk about types of affairs, then I will come to reasons of this affair.


Extramarital affair definition is redefined with the passage of time and due to evolution and popularity of making new connections on the social communication websites. Traditional are classified according to time, it can contains one night stand to long term relationship. One of the reason of this extramarital affair is sexual dissatisfaction but internet has cause married man to cheat and become unfaithful without this sexual intimacy. For example continuously chatting with another gender person over internet or watching pornography material can arouse feeling of extra affairs that why this type of material and communication should be considered violation in marital status.


It is quite challenging to pinpoint the most comprehensive reason which can be fitted in causes of all affairs why man cheat their wives. Well According to Diane Neuman, who is founder of an organization named “Divorce Mediation Services of Newton and mass” it should be kept in mind that husband could get affair if he feel infidelity about their wife”. While some desires are sex with new person because you’re bored from previous one. Why this reason is strong because because many are always looking and discovering new ways to build their self-confidence.The ability to seduce new female make him more confident and build married man ego’s. This type of man should be classified as naturally cheater but every man is not a cheater. A large number of men fall into an extramarital affair because they feel emotionally dissatisfied front heir wives. According to Neuman the author of best seller book “The Truth About Cheating” considered men, which are emotionally dissatisfied likely to cheat more for sexual desire satisfaction.

Every thing are best at the beginning, the newly bound relation or affection provide you with the best joy the relation ever had which will reduce with years the marriage life’s goes on. Your appreciation about qualities becoming neglected and you centered with a lot of thoughts like “is this relationship was right or wrong?” And one day you find any reason to justify yourself that relationship was wrong. To build your false justification, yous tart finding and looking for reasons and start blaming your partner for not making you peace and happy. But deep inside you know who actually is faulty it is because men are naturally likely to live monogamy. but their are many ways to to handle this type of consequences if you pay attention to husbands.

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