Urban social


Urbansocial has completed more than 10 successful years on the internet. Launched in the year 2003, this UK-based dating site has grown unbelievably large over the years. Whether you are in Bristol, London or somewhere else, as long as you are sociable enough, this site will do you much good.

The website has a large number of profiles. If you are a female, you will find many successful, hot and caring men. In case you are a male, you will find thousands of absolutely gorgeous, bubbly, and smart women. The thing is, in this site, everybody wins! Also, since most profiles are really detailed, including information about hair color, favorite movie, vacation preference, and much more, finding a match is much easier in this site; at least, compared to other sites that do not encourage the members to enter a lot of details. You will mostly find people from the UK, but there are many members who belong to other ethnicities and backgrounds too.

This is a site which keeps track of many events, along with providing good dating service. There is a section dedicated to providing news and dating advice too, and that can get pretty interesting. Other than that, you can do a number of things that are found commonly in various dating platforms; such as contact others, upload multiple photos etc. Note that the site approves all profiles and photos, and therefore, sometimes you may end up encountering profiles that are fake or not reliable representatives of the actual person in question.

The main theme of Urbansocial is letting people connect with ideal matches without holding back. The site tries to make the whole dating thing as easy and straightforward as possible. Its efforts are evident in the registration process, which is painless, and in its overall interface, that shouts user-friendliness. The search feature is pretty good too, if not the best or most wonderful in the whole of the UK. Also, the website design seems really well-planned. The design, for the most part, is a combination of simplistic art and modern elements.

Is this the best dating website in the UK? Well, we really do not have a solid one-word answer to that. But, this site is definitely not one of those bad apples. In case you find some free time, create a profile and try it for a few hours. You will most probably not be disappointed.

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