Savage hearts

Savage hearts

Even though the dating industry has come a long way, evolving a lot in the process, there is still a shortage of good sites where alternative singles can adjust well. The people at Savagehearts know this. That is why they created the site which now has over 26,000 active members. For anyone with bizarre or different interests, this site is perfect.

In this site, you can find very unique types of people, all from the UK. You can find people who love tattoos a lot, you can find members who are truly passionate about brow art, and you can find people having many other interests that are generally considered somewhat bizarre or unacceptable in the society. It is a site that matches with no other. The members, although quite unique in their own ways, are quite fun mostly. No matter what you are into, chances are you will locate someone who is just like you and understands your interests and passions in a true sense.

There are various contact options and you can update status too. In fact, using SMS updates is also a possibility. In addition to that, there is the provision to send or receive virtual gifts, upload MMS photos, and search with preferences. You can even have access to video profiles. The interface of the website is quite attractive and likeable too. The colors are a bit different than the norm, but yet quite catchy. The fonts used seem a bit on the not-so-popular side, as well. The dating site even offers personality tests and zodiac reports! Savagehearts is truly an alternative dating world in every sense.

You can either join using your Facebook profile, or use the site’s own registration form. Also, note that the search option is quite likeable. In order to search in a basic way, you just have to choose age range, gender and location! You get to view profile thumbnails even without registering when you perform a search, but in order to open a profile, you must register. The site claims to be very safe and highly-moderated. While we cannot guarantee the former, the latter seemed to be the case pretty much.

The best part about this site is, of course, that it is for those folks who are into alternative cultures. It is a good site overall. Perhaps it would have been better if it offered services to the whole world, instead of offering only in the UK, however.

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