Oasis active

Oasis active

OasisActive is one of the most underappreciated dating websites. We say that because even though the site can easily defeat some of the biggest players in the industry by its sheer quality of service, it does not yet have tens of millions of members. Slowly, the momentum is increasing though. Nowadays, the site witnesses about 300,000 new memberships each month and over 400,000 user logins every day.

Different people have different reasons to be on the site. While some use it to have fun with new people, others use it to find life partners. Yet there are others who want to date casually, refusing to tolerate anything serious. Most profiles are okay enough, even though we must say that we were a bit disappointed by the presence of a small percentage of fake profiles. You see, occasionally, you will come by people showcasing celebrity pictures, claiming to be a regular Joe or Jane.

Considering that the site offers a good amount of various features, we are inclined to think that people spend a lot of time in it. That is because most features are quite interesting. Also, the style of the website is really clean and standard Рa rare quality in today’s dating era. OasisActive supports French, Portuguese, Spanish and a number of other languages, besides being available in English. There are features like auto-match, IM access, photo gallery etc. to keep users occupied. Overall, even though the features offered are in no way outstanding or unique, you can live with whatever you get pretty well and not want more.

The registration process, fortunately enough, is easy and quick. You need not spend about half an hour trying to answer different questions and choosing various preferences. Also, you can register with the help of your Facebook account too, in case you do not want to register separately for the site. If you choose the Facebook option, you can save a bit of time, as well. As is the case with most mainstream dating platforms, this site requires its members to be 18 years old or above.

This dating arena will most probably become one of the most talked-about resources of the web in a few years. But, it never hurts to try when it is fresh. After all, it is one of the few sites that can genuinely help you find dates or friends without having to do much work or wait for months.

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i quite agree with your comments about oasis i find it ok as the bigger sites are too big patience is a virtue on there to find the right one if they like you and you like them then its a stepping stone ….. sadly some males think there gods gift and expect a leg over first night well i have more respect for them than that 2nt date is ok ………..

December 11, 2014 | 7:26 am

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