Christian dating is not a new concept. Historically, people have shown inclination to date within the same culture, and there is nothing strange about that. Keeping in focus the need for various Christian dating platforms, there have emerged a number of sites over the years which exclusively offer such dating. ChristianCafe is one such site.

With a site layout and header that quickly remind you of an aromatic cafe, this site has been able to captivate many people from different parts of the world with its laid-back approach. The number of members, although not extremely huge, is large enough to prevent its members from getting bored. No matter which country you belong to, as long as you are in search of a partner who respects Christian values, this site will be able to help you. That does not mean, however, that you will love each and every member of the site though; there is a fare share of low-quality profiles.

Surprisingly enough, even though it is a primarily Christian dating site, yet it offers a significantly large number of features. That is a bit unusual considering that most Christian dating sites offer only the minimum resources required to contact others seamlessly. But, that is clearly not the case with ChristianCafe at all. You gain access to plenty of things, like chat, mail, quick match etc. You can see which members are online, too. In addition, you can post photos, favorite other members, access prayers or read helpful tips.

As far as the sign up process is concerned, we found the site to be quite pleasing. That is because the sign up process took only a few minutes, and was very easy to complete. However, the membership options are not the cheapest though. But, considering that this site is very safe to use, and offers quality dating service, the price seems reasonable, if not too affordable. Also, note that the service offers a free trial too. Amazingly, enough you can access all the features offered when you use the free version. The limitation is that you are only allowed to fully use the site for a short while with a free profile. If you want to contact other members, you need to buy a membership after a while.

It is not the greatest dating service in the world; not by a long shot. But, it seems like a keeper still. So be sure to try it.

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