There are not many dating sites which offer totally free services. Mingle2 is one of those rare sites that do not cost a dime to use. With a very casual interface, and not-so-professional layout, the dating site is good, but not great. But, that does not mean that it is ineffective in any way.

In terms of user base, the site really has a huge number of members. If you are a girl, you will find many handsome men, and if you are a guy, you will find many gorgeous women. Note that most members of the site seem to be more inclined toward casual dating than serious dating. Also, you must keep in mind that since this website is free to use, many profiles are fake. So, it is important to use your head and decide which profile is legitimate, and which is not. While it is not totally impossible to get dates using the site, you cannot get plenty at a whim.

Good thing is, despite being a free website Mingle2 offers a fair share of features. You can contact users using chat, send winks, block someone, nudge a person and do many other things. In fact, once you use the site for a while, it becomes almost addictive. But then, since the site’s primary method of monetization is banner ads, the huge flashy ads in multiple locations can get distracting and quite annoying, even. Moreover, this site does not feel all that professional or tidy when used. Then again, we feel that that is the least you can tolerate to have a totally free ride.

The registration process is short and simple. In addition, the search option is quite satisfactory. However, you cannot search using many small details though. Also, note that although this site is free, you can gain access to a few features by choosing to go premium. The site calls its premium version Mingle Plus. Having said that, we must also mention that it is not necessary at all to spend money on it, since all major functions can be used without having to pay a single cent!

Overall, for a free dating site, this one is really something to be cherished and utilized. However, we do not feel that it can compete with websites which offer premium memberships with pride. But, it never hurts to try your luck in a site like this though.

Author | admin Comments | 0 Date | September 25, 2014

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