Doing something

Doing something

The experience of going on a blind date with someone your friend decided would be a great match for you may turn out to be really awkward. Same goes with speed dating! That is why DoingSomething primarily promotes creative date ideas, in order to decrease the pressure of traditional dating on both sides. Firmly serving daters that live in the UK, the site has become very popular.

In this dating site, it is less about the person and more about the date itself. Maybe you want to take a stroll along your favorite river? Or maybe, you just want to go skydiving with a partner! The idea is to have a core theme or task at hand, so that even if you do not like the person you meet, you still end up enjoying your date. You will find plenty of great partners, who not only look wonderful, but also want to go on creative dates.

The site has plenty of features to keep its users occupied. At DoingSomething, you can spin a wheel in order to find out what the wheel suggests you should do. You can add people to your favorite list, view who checked your profile, and do a lot more. This dating site is a fun-filled journey, where you almost never run out of ideas or options. There is a range of funny questions to answer too – questions that let you and other users express inner personality bluntly in a quite funny way. Moreover, you can even steal date ideas to make things more interesting!

Since you do not need to let the world know everything about yourself, the sign up process is pretty quick. You can either add photo from your computer, or from your Facebook. Also, the search option this site has is truly an interesting one. You can search users by location, age, sex, smoking habit, body type etc. Note that compared to other dating websites, the packages this site offers are not that costly. In fact, you can say that this site is on the cheaper side of the spectrum, even though it is quite great.

This dating scene is filled with energy, and it has a laid-back approach. If you want to meet people who have a good sense of humor, and want to do fun, interesting things with them, then this website is something you definitely need to give serious thought to.

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