There are only a few dating sites in the world which provide 100% free service. MetroDate is one such rare site. Although it is not immune to various disadvantages that come with free dating, it is still quite useful. The site will not compete head-on with paid dating sites, but yet, it is good enough for passing some time.

No matter what dating site we take into account, the first question that comes to mind is always the same. Does the site offer quality members? In case of this site, the answer is ‘Yes and No’. There are some very good profiles, some okay profiles, and some blatantly fake profiles. You will repeatedly come across accounts having celebrities as the profile picture; and that is not a great sign! Yet, many people report to find moderate to good level of success using this site. Also, its member base is quite versatile, which is a plus.

In terms of features offered, MetroDate is a blast however. It is a very rare breed of free dating site, because it really offers good contact options, as opposed to useless ones. Also, you can send flirts, access audio profiles and video profiles, go through restaurant guides, know about single events, access helpful dating advice and do many more things. You can even save favorites! Also, the site offers you the option to choose from 35 different languages. So no matter where you stay and what your primary language is, this site will take care of you just fine.

Getting involved is simple enough. You just have to enter few very basic details in order to get started. The search option, although not extremely amazing, is good enough to let you have enough flexibility. Other than that, since there are no membership options, the questions associated with payment do not arise. But, as you know very well, free things almost always involve some drawbacks. One of the major drawbacks of this site is the presence of advertisements. Also, as already mentioned, fake profiles are everywhere in the website! So, spotting which ones are real and which profiles are not can be a very tricky task.

Overall, it is not the best dating site, and that is for sure. But, it is definitely not the worst either. It is somewhere in the middle actually. If you have free time, give this site a try for a while, in order to test the waters yourself.

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