Info: This site is popular and its been 5 year since it was launched in 2009, in the states, claimed to be a popular dating sites for singles, however, the idea is to find the date in a single place no matter what your relationship status is. The different thing about this site is that it is not focussing any particular race or group, which means it is open to everyone of us. But it has a disadvantage also, that anybody can search the profiles without any concerns; so you may be caught. Nevertheless, this site is available for mobile devices such as android and apple platform, the Symbian version was closed 2 years ago. You don’t need to download the application in your device as it is just a mobile friendly, so you can use it in your mobile browser.

Free account: is currently having more than 10 million people in their directory, but all the profiles are not active, and there are no sources for the confirmation as well. You can join this site anytime and anywhere for free, but you have to pay for the premium features such as send messages without any limit, add spice to your profile, and to filter the searches in a safe environment. If you are skeptical about the site, then you can join it for free with limited access and later pay the price for premium features. Free members can add profile images, edit some quotes, and reply to premium accounts.

Premium accounts: The premium accounts are also subdivided into two categories; Gold and silver, You can subscribe to any of them based on your requirements and needs. Obviously, gold members have full access to all the features and silver members are restricted to some feature. A gold member can be listed at the top of the search insights, which means more chances of dates and partners, likewise can send tons of emails to any other member. Silver members can enjoy their stay by video chatting in private chat rooms, however, all the silver features are available in gold as well. You can join their trial membership to more about their features.

Conclusion: If you want to have fun with people with your interest, then this is suitable for you. You cannot do everything in social networking sites; which may sound creepy as well. So if you are entertaining and if you can handle chat situation, then this site is good for you.

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