Jmeeting is a web based application that connects people around the world. These services include video conferencing and web conferencing. These services offer you the opportunity to cam and chat, and also interact with other members in an easy way. This site allows you to create an account at no cost. If you also desire to create a chat space specifically for you, you might want to consider this site.


When you place your mouse over howdy, it expands to reveal your profile screen link, Jmeeting social features and log out link.

The menu options will differ depending on the status of your subscription.


Provides you different options to view your activity in the forum


Your pending requests and group activity provides Jmeeting users the ability to form groups, which consist of members with similar interests. This provides them a place to share information, discuss and interact within the community.


This can be used to change most options on the site.

Activity Streams:

This is a list of activities for every Jmeeting user. Anytime a user performs an action, such as status update, posting a new comment, it will show up in the activity stream


Here you can edit, view or change your profile which will be seen by other friends within the community.


This shows your friends and pending requests, thus allowing member to connect with each other by sending friend requests to other members. As a result, each member will have a list of friends within the community.

Messages: This is the inbox and message option which allows members to send private messages to friends. It works like an e-mail program which enables users to send and receive messages from each other. The messages are only seen by both the sender and recipient.
Activity Streams on this site is similar to recent activity on face book. Activities such as friend requests, profile changes status update, joining groups and replies posted in groups are recorded on the activity stream. Members can make use of activity streams to keep track of activities for their friends or groups and also to know when their names are mentioned on the site.

5 Different Activity Pages Are Available On This Site

1. Friends– which show your friends most recent activities.

2. Groups- shows the most recent activity of your group

3. Personal- records your recent activities

4. Favourites– this shows activities you have marked as favourite.

5.@Username Mentions– shows when your name has been mentioned.

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