Magic dating

Magic dating

A commitment of the Global Personals Limited UK, MagicDating happens to be one of the trending dating platforms. The website has the goal of matching its members with their perfect mates. Having thousands of singles ready to mingle, this website has been making news lately. Its simplicity being its most powerful weapon, the site aims to capture a significant market share in the coming years.

In this website, the quality of singles is satisfactory enough. But, do not expect to find models or angels here. Occasionally you will find profiles that look too good to be true, but not always. Most members are very real, and seem genuinely likeable. The site can be used for casual flings, serious relationships, as well as for heartfelt friendships. Ultimately, it is up to you why you use this site. Users get a good range of versatility too, and that is never a bad thing with any dating site.

The feature that we like the most in this site is its dedicated 24-hour customer support. Other than that, the website strives hard to ensure genuineness of its members, and that is remarkable in its own right. In addition, it is one of the very mobile-friendly sites, so even when you are on the go, you will be rolling! The site even has an extra section for those who are above 40, which is a unique feature. We are not sure why this site did not utilize a better-looking theme and layout though. Whatever their reason, we do not like how it looks at present all that much. In fact, we will go as far as to say that the appearance of the site is simply off-putting.

But then, even though MagicDating is not a site that is too easy on the eyes, it still has a quick and efficient 5-step registration process that we like. While a handful of features can be used free of charge, you need to pay or upgrade to a membership in order to use the better of the lot. For example, you must spend your dollars in case you want to chat, receive or send private messages, upload multiple pictures or video call.

Apart from the fact that this site has a style that basically sucks and that the limitations on free accounts are quite rigid, we think that it is pretty alright. The basic goal is to find ideal matches, and this site helps you do that better than most of its competitors. In the end, that is what counts.

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