LavaPlace may not be the shiniest dating website in the world, yet it offers service of impeccable quality. When you visit the site for the first time, it feels like you have finally encountered a dating site which is real, as opposed to glittery fake ones. And the fact is, this site is exactly that – an understated yet genuine dating site.

If you are in search of a dating zone that can give you access to millions of attractive singles, you will be better off visiting a different site. But, if you are a person who likes genuine connections with real day-to-day people, this site is for you. It is not like there are no quality members; it is just that the site does not deliberately present itself as too polished or high-quality, a fake practice undertaken by almost all dating sites these days.

If we talk about the features, LavaPlace seems okay but not all that great. It has all the standard options, and you can use most features without having to pay. Things like creating a profile, searching for other members, sending winks, getting matched, contacting people etc. are not charged. The best part is, this site gives you the ability to instant message and read mails without having to pay, too! The site is available in two other languages, in addition to being available in English. It does not look too pleasing to the eyes, but that is only because its developers have put more emphasis on creating a user-friendly site rather than creating a flashy one.

The process of registration is a simple one, requiring you to spend only a few minutes at most. Also, the search feature is one of the best we have seen in the whole dating industry. There are a huge variety of preferences you can use when searching for ideal members. You can choose body type, location, hair color, eye color, height, ethnicity, language, and lots of other things. The membership options do not cost a fortune either, which is quite rare these days in this rapidly-changing business-oriented dating industry.

Other than finding the site a bit too simple and bland, we do not have anything else to complain about. The site seems to be one of the few genuine dating websites that exist today in this industry, even though it does not have an earth-shattering number of members who use it regularly.

Author | admin Comments | 0 Date | October 2, 2014

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