Classic fm romance

ClassicFM is not a conventional dating site, largely due to its relationship with a radio station. Operated by The Dating Lab on behalf of Classic FM, the site portrays a beautiful design, rich with vibrant colors. It is not a new site by any means, as it has successfully completed more than 10 years in the online dating scene.

This dating site is fun, but not as fun as its popular competitors. That may be because it has a high concentration of mature members. We feel that this site will work best for people aged 25 or more, and not very well for those who are less than 25 years old. The number of members this dating website has is large enough to keep a user occupied, and that is one of the main reasons why this site is used widely. You can find members from all over the world, although the number of UK members is the highest.

In terms of features offered, ClassicFM does not disappoint. You can find matches, search for other members using various criteria, get to know who your fans are, favorite other members who seem interesting, and do a lot more. There is the ability to view who are online too. Note that the search option limits the quantity of search allowed to 100 for non-members. So, if you want to search more than that, you will have no other way but to become a member.

Creating a profile is not the most convenient, but the process is easy enough to not scare you off. We would have loved to see more details about each member when a search is performed, but for some reason the site offers a very little amount of details with the search thumbnails. But then, how much detail is disclosed initially is mostly up to a user actually, so we cannot really blame the site for that. This site regards safety standards very highly, and as a result, it happens to be one of the safest dating sites in the whole UK. Also, there are many other helpful sections to make online dating easier.

With reasonable subscription costs, attractive members, good overall interface, and beautiful colors, this site witnesses a large number of new members every month. If you are interested in online dating, especially in the UK, you definitely need to use this site, even if only for a while.

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