How about we review

How about we review

Howaboutwe is one of the simplest dating websites to exist. The site does not focus on online dating; instead, it primarily promotes offline meeting. A user has to propose date ideas in the form of ‘How about we…’ in order to find people who are interested in going on a date with him or her. Featuring clean intuitive interface, intriguing colors and simple design, the website exhibits great potential for growth.

With the help of this website, you can find plenty of attractive people interested in meeting others in real life. Unlike common dating sites which promote relationships and marriage, this website is best for meeting members of the opposite sex for casual dates. It is perfectly possible to find love using the site too; but the point is, the whole approach seems more suitable for those who want to date for the fun of it.

In terms of features offered, this site, having over 2 million members is definitely one of the most versatile. First of all, the interface of the website is really clean and attractive. Next, the site sends date suggestions to you based on the information provided in your profile. That is, each day, you will be suggested 5 people who may be compatible with you. One can send messages, like photos of other members, ask out those who seem interesting etc. Note that the search feature of this site is one of the most wonderful in the whole dating industry. That is because the search is very advanced, allowing a person to find others using a huge number of criteria, such as height, religion preference, political views and many more!

The process of signing up is quite straightforward too. In case you prefer, you can answer many different questions about yourself while registering, in order to let others know who you really are. If you want to skip that step, you can do so too! Also, integration with Facebook or Twitter is allowed as well, which ensures faster access to things. Compared to other dating services, Howaboutwe does not break the bank by demanding high membership expenses. The modest range of charges is one of the primary reasons why it has grown so much within a short duration of time.

So far you are up for some offline dating this site will serve you well. Although it may not be the most suitable site to find someone to marry, when it comes to spending some quality fun time with new people, this site is brilliant!

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