Seeking millionaire

Seekingmillionaire is a dating site for the rich and successful, started in the year 2006. The main vibe of the site is that those who are successful are generally too occupied to devote much time to dating. Therefore, the site aims to fill the need for an online platform where only the most charismatic and gorgeous women are available.

In this site, the number of members is not as high as it is in many other popular sites. However, the quality of members is quite good. There are four categories of members – Attractive Men, Attractive Women, Wealthy Men and Wealthy Women. In order to be recognized as a wealthy male or female, a person should have a net worth of $100,000 or more. Otherwise, he or she is categorized under ‘attractive’. The site consists of members from all parts of the world, and the age range is very wide too. Overall, the extent of versatility found is impressive.

As far as features go, Seekingmillionaire does not have anything unique or exceptional to offer. There are the usual options for chatting and contacting other members. You can view who saw your profile, check pictures of others, add information in your profile etc. One good feature of the site is that a member can verify himself or herself using a webcam, if wished. However, most profiles seem unverified, which is a bit disappointing. The site is available in two languages – English and Spanish; and there are apps for Android devices, as well as for iOS devices.

The interface of the site looks pretty clean and organized, although there are better sites in terms of those aspects. The signup process does not involve much hassle though. As far as membership options go, there are free accounts, as well as premium accounts. In order to fully explore the benefits offered by the site, the best thing to do is go premium. Note that most profiles seem quite good, with attractive and well-photographed profile pictures. However, there is the possibility that some profiles are not genuine, which is usually the case with most dating sites. So, if you decide to access the site, keep your guards up a bit.

In terms of creativity or uniqueness, this dating site does not have great promises to make. However, if you are in search of quality singles of the opposite sex, then this is a good destination to attempt finding those diamonds in the rough!

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