Flirtbox is a Germany-based dating website that has amassed over 1 million members over the period of its operation. Actually, the site has more than 1,800,000 members, which is only a little shy of 2 million. With a relatively good design and lots of testimonials, this site takes pride in being a free dating site.

The site refuses to focus on a single community or nationality, and hence, people from all over the world join the fun. There are members from Iran, USA, France, Germany, UK, Thailand and a number of other popular and lesser-known countries. Most profiles are really genuine, with simple pictures and relatable information. Whether you are a man seeking women, or vice versa, this site will surely give you plenty of dateable options! Since the site features members from a vast range of backgrounds, professions, colors, as well as ethnicities, finding an ideal match is not a daunting task.

Feature-wise, Flirtbox is not very versatile, however. If you want versatility you can visit Adultfrienedfinder. Sure you can rate women and women can rate men, but not many other interesting aspects exist. Another commonly seen feature is that you can know which members are online. Again, pretty basic! One thing we really liked, however, about the site is its help section, which was actually a forum. When you post any query, other members try to help you out, so there is the community feel. Overall, it will be wrong to say that this site offers nothing in terms of features; but if you want plenty of things to play with, this dating platform may disappoint you.

Positive thing is, it is not too hard to find a date with this site. Also, since the registration can be completed within mere minutes, you do not feel like you are wasting your time. It is fun to explore various profiles of members, and it is fun to contact those who seem interesting or interested. This site is not something we would like to regard as excellent; but it gets the job done pretty well. So, as long as you are okay with not being treated like a royalty, you will be able to find plenty of mates.

We felt that the site has too many testimonials, and also, the placement of advertisements is not too great either. Anyway, it is still a good site if you want to find someone with whom you can spend quality time. So, be sure to check it out!

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