Regardless of how you intend to approach the subject matter, the issue of same sex dating is going to start off a heated debate. Whether you are in support of or disapprove of changes in federal and state laws concerning same sex couples is a different issue entirely. Some may insist that a family should consist of a male and a female parent, which same sex dating cannot give rise to. Although over the decade, the society has witnessed different non traditional families raise children. Have you ever wondered what are the advantages of a child being raised by 2 men or women? Here are a few points to consider.

1. Any individual, regardless of creed, race or sexual orientation will go through the same screening process before passing on to the adoption process and will ultimately receive approval based on their capability to cater for the child. No one can assume that any gay or lesbian parent is involved in a life style of partying. Of a truth, the probability towards a promiscuity and party lifestyle is not restricted to sexual preference alone. One needs to know that same sex couples are capable of a lasting and stable relationship and can also create an environment suitable for a child.

2. Gay dates in particular proffer the opportunity of 2 authority figures in the home front. Although single parents are qualified to adopt in many places, they are faced with challenges that border on disciplining and raising a child. Same sex dating with a committed partnership will bring 2 adults together to share in the parenting responsibility.

3. Giving same sex couples the opportunity to adopt will increase the likelihood of placing children with special needs into good homes. This is not to imply that heterosexual couples would never consider the adoption of a disabled child or an older child. However opening up the opportunity for adoption will bring in more capable parents who are willing to consider all available options.

4. In some environments, it is not legal to discriminate against same sex dating or same sex couple willing to adopt. Currently about 20 states in Canada have made same sex dating legal.

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