Tinder dating

Tinder dating

A year or two before, dating using the internet meant only the use of a range of different dating websites. However, that has changed these days. Now, there are a number of mobile apps which focus squarely on dating, along with dating sites. Tinder is, by far, the most popular dating app for smartphones. Having a clean, quick, easy and intuitive interface, the app is best suited for those looking for casual sex or hookup in close proximity.

Finding someone with the help of the app is a lot like eyeing someone on a bar or party. That is because, the app presents you with photos of different people, and you can either like a photo or dislike it, by swiping toward right or left respectively. If you happen to like a photo, and the person likes you too, then you two will become a match. When you are matched with someone, you can start connecting with the person with the help of the app’s in-built messaging feature.

This app does not have a huge number of features, and that is exactly why it has gained so much popularity. Sure, you can contact others who find you attractive, and connect a bit before deciding whether to meet up or not, but there are not many additional features. You can see when a person last logged in, read a bit of intro about the person, know his or her age and distance etc. The app has been designed for mobile phones, and that is reflected on its overall design and interface. The colors are really soothing, and the user-experience is geared toward achieving maximum with minimum effort.

As far as the registration process goes, it is super easy. You just have to connect your Facebook, and information, such as your likes, dislikes, school etc., get imported from Facebook. You can add pictures from too. To set up your profile, you just need to select whether you are a male or a female, your age, and your preferences regarding what type of options you want in Tinder. For instance, you can set the maximum distance of a potential match, as well as his or her age range.

Overall, it is one really fun app. Even if you are not really looking for someone to connect, just the browsing part can be really exciting. It is one of those apps which must be tired at least once in life, whether or not you want to continue using.

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