Oasis dating

Oasis dating

Oasis dating is a free internet dating service that has a few optional features that allows you to increase your options for meeting singles. The extra features operate through a token system that can be earned by extending invitation from the website to friends. Alternatively, you can buy packages that will open up similar benefits. Doing a search on the site is very convenient, with quite a number of advanced options to select a particular eye or hair colour, children, occupation and more. It however lacks the ability to look for members who live nearby, which is an issue because a lot of people do not really intend to get involved in a long term relationship. Having said that, once you click to see the profile of members, the website do not tell you how far away these members are from your locality. This is a cumbersome way of doing things and can become annoying as well.

Profiles include all the vital information, but it seems incomplete if a member has not made any effort in putting enough information as they are permitted to. However, you can upload up to 20 images of yourself to your profile, which is better than most dating websites. This also enables you to show other members the experiences you had in the past or the type of activities you like to engage in. A matching system is used to provide its members with recommended dates and users are allowed to choose to receive correspondence from only members that are matched to them. This is a good feature as it prevents members from being bombarded with messages from people who are not compatible.

Depending on the number of token available, free members are able to send messages. It costs 100 token to send a message, but since you will begin your dating journey with only 150 token, you will be limited in the amount of contacts you will be able to make.

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