Match affinity

Are you looking for a soul mate? Do you believe that you would find more happiness in your relationship if there is chemistry and physical attraction and you can have an understanding with your date when both of you have the same personality traits, attitude to life and values? Then match affinity online dating service is the ideal place for you to locate that special person.

When you sign up on match affinity, the first thing you will do is to take a comprehensive affinity questionnaire. It is a unique psychometric test which means that you will have to answer numerous questions which range from questions that reveal your character traits, you will have to make a choice between distinct images or pictures that will reveal your feelings or thoughts on a subconscious level.

You will have fun while taking the test and there is no need to bother about tasking your brains so much. The test is not just a chunk of random questions put together by some fellow. The test is carefully designed by a group of expert psychologists who specialize in psychometrics and the dynamics of human relationships.

The test contains over 100 questions that cover 71 various psychological criteria that range from views to values about family life. All members of this site are given a comprehensive personality report as an added bonus. All the reports are kept in the database of the website and compared against each other in such a way that your outlooks on life, unique personality traits and values will be weighed against those of your potential partners. This means that the website will give you a percentage that reflects the similarity between you and other suitable members in the match affinity community.

Before you sign up, one thing you must be aware of is that Match affinity is quite expensive especially if you only intend to join for a month. When you make use of the 6 and 12 months subscription, it will become competitive.

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