Loopylove calls itself as the ‘dating site with a difference’. Claiming to have over 1.6 million members, the site takes pride in being one of the most happening dating zones of the UK. It is a website that has a laid-back approach toward dating. There are no hard and fast rules, and there are no specific requirements to be fulfilled to start having fun.

Even though the majority of the members of this site are young, there are matured adults too. You will find plenty of people who are over 30, or even over 40. This website is one of those platforms that encourage each of the members to let his or her personality shine through. This website encourages everyone to personalize his or her profile as much as possible, and as genuinely as possible. While finding a friend or lover is not too easy, the same is not too hard either.

The site has an interface that is okay but not great. Also, the number of features offered is not huge, so that is another disappointment. However, you get all the important options, such as chat, search etc. Note that there is a section that gives dating info. In addition, the website regularly provides dating news, mostly associated with gossip. You may or may not like that, depending on the type of person you are. Loopylove is quite secure for a dating site, although it is not the best in terms of design or user-friendliness.

One thing that is really likeable about this website is its ease of registration. Even though most of the today’s dating websites strive hard to make registration quick and easy, few succeed well. This site succeeds in that department, and we give it props for that. Note that the website does not conduct any kind of background checks on its members, so you may want to be a little alert while interacting with its members. However, considering that almost 99 percent of dating sites do not care about any background checks, this issue does not seem to be too huge after all.

This dating site, for the most part, is just another platform with nothing to call unique or special. But, at the same time, it is still good for finding new partners, friends, travel buddies or lovers. We are not going to say that the site is a great dating arena, but it is worth giving a shot anyway.

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