Imagine, what could be more better then geek niche dating website for geeks, who are having trouble in finding a perfect match on other dating platforms.


To understand why geek dating platform is so necessary, first you need to know what geeks are. A geek is anybody who expertise in specific subjects that other people don’t have much knowledge about or they don’t care about that certain subject, i.e. Wars, comics, Star Wars, Anime or Gaming. Geeks are special peoples, best friends and lovers having so much knowledge in their particular fields. Geeks are loyal and smart.

Geekinterests aren’t common like other peoples. Due to which traditional dating platforms don’t work well for geeks. If you are looking for a geek of your interest, you have to view hundreds of members’ profiles on other dating profiles before finding anyone, and activities ask on other sites for matching don’t have geeks related interests.

Geek 2 Geek founded in 2004, it won a best niche dating site award on in 2012. The Geek website creator feels how it was difficult for geeks to find similar nature geeks on traditional dating websites, that’s why he created a Geek website that target people with common interests and match common personalities. The age parameters are set on default set at 18-50 but a member can override this. Geek-2-Geek network, giving opportunity to connect to other geeks online or offline. The good thing about the website is Geek 2 Geek use special geek scoring sophisticated method for matching. Because the geeks have different interests and attitudes they face problems on traditional dating sites to find their match. Other traditional dating platforms, algorithms don’t give priority to the things that geeks consider important to them. The users have to pick 3 criteria, so matches can be to reflect according to user priorities.

Geek website is so easy to navigate and use as compared to other dating platforms. And your privacy is our first priority. The geek site gave you many options like you can block any members who are not behaving properly. The layout of the profiles of members is similar to OkCupid’s. The Geek member has to input a few pics, vital status and a catchy headline. Many Geeks members post their pics wearing a costume or post a video doing any geeky related activity. This website also has a rating system anyone can rate you from 0-5 starts. The member can post video about themselves doing any activity and link that video to their blogs, but it will be only visible to paid members. Other information about personality includes education, relationship status, employment status, body type, political thoughts, favorite books, video games, movies, music and other areas of interests (which help them in marching with other members having same interests)

Imagine, what could be better than geek niche dating website for geeks, Geeks are loyal and best friends, that’s why this geek platform is developed.

If you want to learn more about Geek 2 Geek or you want to become a member, just give a try. It’s free to SignUp for testing and exploration purpose, explore all features they are offering before deciding to buy a paid membership for less than 12 dollars a month.

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