Elite singles

Elite singles

Elite singles is one of the largest dating online sites built to attract singles in Australia. Its goal is to create a community where people with aspiration, people from the higher income class and educational groups can make contact with one another. Basically this site is targeted at people above the age of 30.

This site is strictly a match making site and it recommends dates that are suitable for you based on the details you filled on the lengthy questionnaire upon signing up on the site. The website is designed in such a way that users do not have to spend so much time browsing through the profiles of other users to find a suitable match. The elite singles algorithm will locate the best matches for you and send them to your match list. This saves a lot of time but can be frustrating as well if you are not satisfied with the few number of matches you get at any time.

The questionnaire to be completed to sign up on this site is long and sometimes repetitive. The benefit however, is that when you have successfully completed the registration process, you will be shown how much you have scored and you can then see your personality report on the profile section of elite singles.

There are a few features available on this site for free. For instance you can send a first message and even smile at another match. A subscription is required to communicate effectively on elite singles. The prices are quite expensive, as you may expect. You do not necessarily have to be a millionaire to subscribe as the fee is a little over £40 for a one month subscription.

Elite singles is owned by a company based in Berlin known as Affinitas that manages a lot of well grounded dating websites in Europe. Worthy of note is e-darling which has been existing in Germany since 2009.

There are lots of data available about your matches on the site. This is an advantage you get for spending close to half an hour for registration. You will be able to view profiles on their personalities to know if they are conscientious or more open minded for example. You can also view their top priorities in life, their hobbies etc. So if you want to be scientific about who you date and you prefer going on a date with people who meet your criteria, this site will be most suitable for you.

Elite singles is a great inclusion to the list of dating sites in Australia. It is known to be selective and this policy attracts individuals who are willing to provide lots of information regarding their personality and preferences so as to be perfectly matched. With this abundance of information, this site would appeal to those who believe in criteria and system based matching.

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