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Dating sites: do they work?

Given that nowadays almost everyone has a smartphone and it is very easy to download a free dating app like Tinder or POF, I thought it would be interesting to publish an article about the effectiveness of dating sites. I warn you that my general answer will be the same as to the question: does it work to find a partner by going out? It depends. On your personality, what you are looking for, how you act. There are no places where you are guaranteed to find a date, and there are no places where you are guaranteed to find a date, nor the opposite. But let’s get down to business.

Free or paid site?

According to this analysis, on pay sites there is a filter of seriousness, as people pay to find a partner. I personally have never tried a paid site so I can’t really give my opinion, but from conversations I had with people who used those sites, the conclusions were more or less the same as using a free site, so for now, if you are curious, I would recommend you to try the two I mentioned before: Tinder and POF (or any others out there, because there are a lot of them).
How do these sites work?

There are two types of mechanisms.

Apps like Tinder work on a very basic and a bit cruel “like”/”dislike” principle, where the user likes or dislikes other people only on the basis of the photo and in a second before moving on to the next profile. In fact, people often don’t give any description at all. In case two people like each other, they can write to each other and chat. In general, and speaking of heterosexual matchmaking, girls get many more “likes” (and therefore connections) than boys.
Applications like POF, which are more classic, work with a detailed profile, with a photo, detailed description, and allow any user to write to any other user, with the possibility of blocking those you don’t like so that they don’t write again. The photo is not the only factor, and many users write very detailed descriptions of what they want. Again, girls tend to receive far more unsolicited messages than men.

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What factors are most important?

Photos are undoubtedly the most important in the user’s first decision. That is why it is essential to select good photos, where we look good, cheerful or artistic, where we can get an idea of the person’s body type, etc. It sounds a bit cruel, but in real life it’s the same: first we look at the physique. The eyes, the smile, the body… but in reality there is also the way they move and behave, which doesn’t appear in the photos.
Age is also very important. All dating apps and websites allow you to filter out this information. Again, it may be a bit unfair, but that’s the way it is.
Profile information. On Tinder it is almost non-existent, but what some people indicate can help. From what I saw, what is usually indicated are great heights and language skills. On the other sites, any information can be relevant to get a better idea of the other person’s personality. And if you are looking for a partner, you may want to detail what you are like and what you are looking for, so that your contacts are more in tune with what you want.

Now the big question: do they work?

I’ve tried both POF and Tinder, and honestly, in both cases I’ve had dates with interesting people. Generally, being polite and trying to be natural, as in offline life sometimes a trust is established that leads to the possibility of meeting, and from there, it’s a matter of feeling and luck to know if it leads to a partner or not.

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