Book of matches

Book of matches


If you’re looking for a free dating site. I would recommend to become a member of Book-of-matches. Book of matches which is also termed as BOM is completely free dating website. They will never ask you for a credit card at any step for using the features of the site like other sites. They will also not ask you for upgrading membership to use additional features of the website like other sites.

Book-of-matches, offer all the features that are expected from a dating website for free. What makes Book-of-matches edge from other site is its messaging system and functional search, not only this, Book-of-matches also offers live chat, instant messaging and video chatting. Book-of-matches also add social network features on their website from which you are able to add friends and make lists of them and also you see can private information of peoples in your friend list,i.e. Pictures, personality characteristics, and their blog posts.

Book-of-matches knows that quality of members using this platform matters a lot, they add “quality of member” feature, Each member have it quality membership score, which tells how much the user use and active on this site and , Quality membership score is displayed on each member’s profile detail page. Book-of-matches has also restrict privacy features which restrict and allow which member can contact you.


  • Free Dating Website:
    Book-of-matches is completely free, it has all the features of paid dating websites and the good thing is all this feature is free.

  • Excellent Privacy options:
    Book-of-matches has excellent privacy options, you can allow and restrict who can email you.

  • Video-Chat:
    Book-of-matches has video chat and web-cameras feature which other free sites don’t have.

  • Quality Score feature:
    Book-of-matches have unique quality score feature, which indicate how active this member is on this site.


  • This site doesn’t give you good search results if you find your matches out of 50 miles distance range.

  • There are lots of fake profiles on this site as compared to other dating sites because it’s free.


Book-of-matches is completely free dating website, it doesn’t ask you for any upgrade to use additional features of this site. Book-of-Matches claims that:

Our dating site services 100% free to use. Unlike other sites who claim themselves to be free, we guarantee you never need your credit card”


Book-of-Matches is a mediocre low tech website, this website is filled with ads, no bells and whistles which other dating sites usually offers. They claim there are a number of users always active on this site, which is not true. The users focused on casual encounters rather than long term relationships. The general assessment of the women on the site was the women were slutty were not attractive, women that are cute usually don’t respond to any messages and other women who respond were not serious to hook up. Therefore, I don not recommend this site to any who are finding dating site for dating purposes. But I would say if you don’t have money you can use this site but it’s hard to find someone who want to date with you.

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