Choosing a guy to date is very complicated decision and finding a perfect person is very hard to find. Like other gay men, I seem to be stuck between a guy I do not want to date or dating with a guy I don’t want to.

The main reason I think most of gays guys are single because they have their sex feelings attached to physical feelings.

One of my experiences to explain this is: I met a guy at California volleyball club. During playing I fell down, he gave me a hand to lift me up. We both feel a love-boat moment when our hand is met, I find a wedding platter in his eyes.

So after the game we spend some time together and decided to have a date. To date we both have a different intentions, his pure intention was to date, but my intention was to hunt. The guy’s personality was very cool, blue eyes like a sea. I liked him sexually, but rather don’t want to make any-other connection. And so, I was stuck into dating dilemma. My mind centered with lots of questions like: “would I have sex with a person I’m physically attracted but not emotionally?

THE EVERYONE’S ANSWER WILL BE YES ! Shit ! but there was mismatched intentions, i want only bedding and he want wedding.

At date i passionately wait for 11 o Clock. He said , “we do sex at 11 o Clock and then sleep”

“Exactly,” “i answered my self”

And so, whenever we date, he’d hear a bell on his door around 11 o Clock. Once your inner desire rose-up, it’s hard to deal with him.

After a few days, he broke the relation. I wasn’t bad with him, but I’m still wasn’t doing anything good in his life. We both have different intentions. My intention was only related to sex. He falls in love with me, but I just want to share my bed feelings with him. When he found this situation he quits.

There are also other side of the coin, The guy you desire to date you wouldn’t, Because he make you realize you as a nutcase or tissue paper.

Like my relationship with another guy named Alex, He was nice guy loving and caring. He was almost perfect except his body. I tried to make my sexually feelings, attach to him, But even though I was not physically attracted to him.

Well my feelings didn’t rose up, i tried but i fail to do it. I even waited for sometime to make my feelings invoke for sexual desire.

Women have this ability to invoke but I don’t know how do they do it. I can’t do sex with a guy I’m not physically attracted to, No matter, I’m how much emotionally attracted to him. I can say that’s the whole difference between a man and women.

I think this is the reason many gays guys are single. If we separate our sex desire with physical feelings we can have our partner easily.

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