8 Reasons to Live Together Before You Promise Forever

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8 Reasons to Live Together Before You Promise Forever

You finally found the girl or guy of your dreams and life has never had more meaning and purpose. The sun shines brighter, food tastes better, and life has become amazing. The next step is putting a ring on it and starting that happily ever after life. Right? Wrong.

Many people forget the very important step of living together before getting married. It is especially true if you’ve been in a long-distance relationship for a long time. Reservations like public opinion, sexual boundaries, and fear of getting stuck in one spot are without a doubt valid before moving in together. However, the benefits of this step are truly hard to ignore. Here are eight of them.

  1. No more hard goodbyes

You know that gut-wrenching feeling at the end of your date when you know you have to say goodbye? You no longer have to experience that. You just put her coat on her, take her hand and walk home together. It is like one awesome party that just never ends.

  1. You get to discuss hard topics like money

Living together means sharing expenses and making joint budgets. It will force you to discuss the topic of money and associated roles which is uncomfortable for many couples, although essential. That way, by the time you are getting married you are functioning like a well-oiled financial machine.

  1. It allows you to see your partner in their natural state

People put a lot of effort into their appearance and demeanor when dating. Living with your partner strips them of this armor and allows you to see what they are like when not trying to look put together. It is better to know who they are early whether you like her hair down or his sweats and vest look.

  1. It is a great way to identify pet peeves early

There is nothing as frustrating as discovering pet peeves in marriage. The risk is having the love goggles fall off and discovering that you can´t stand a lot of their habits. These habits vary from good old-fashioned leaving the toilet seat up to leaving hair in the sink or the tub. Leaving together before marriage lets you identify these potentially relationship-ending habits and figure out whether you can live with them.

  1. It is a dose of reality on what marriage promises

Being in each other’s space every single day for the rest of your life is what marriage has in store for you. That means that even when you are pissed off at them, or you want to be alone, you have no choice but to go home. Living together allows you to face this reality sooner rather than later.

  1. It is a great practice run on starting a family

It is particularly true if you choose to adopt a pet jointly. It could be a dog, a cat or even a hamster. The point is that you both learn not only how to be responsible for another living thing but also how to work as a team.

  1. It improves physical intimacy

Three things; convenient access to sex, endless cuddle sessions, and kisses on demand. Need I say more?

  1. It is way cheaper than divorce

If living together proves to be too stressful, all you have to do is to move out. It is way cheaper and less complicated than trying to work things out or getting a divorce once you realize you can’t stand each other. It is also the best option for people who got together through online dating. Taking the time to get to know each other is essential.

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