We usually check other reviews before posting anything on our site, but we never go to any conclusion without verifying on our own. xmeeting.com is the site we are going to review today. The sites looks great at first with many local matches and you will be surprised to see tons of searches as well as the pictures of the girls. After checking out the layout, we decided to create an account at xmeeting.com but in between the process of signing up a free account, we observed some unusual activities. Our free account has started receiving the messages from local girls and all the messages are quite the same. That was the first impression we got from this site. OK! We thought this can only be a trick to fetch the people, so we decided to go on.

After successfully signing up we searched a lot of content as well as the profiles on this site a bit more. We checked out some decent profiles and messaged them in order to know deeply about the networking feature of this site. Almost every girl will reply you, even we didn’t find a single girl who tried to ignore us. And the most funny thing about this network is, all the messages from the girls are same. This cleared us that this is not something we are looking for. xmeeting.com is a scam from our point of view and many other people are saying this as well.

As we said earlier, We test the products before posting their reviews on our site. You can try the free account on xmeeting.com and chat with girls, but once you paid something, everything will disappear in no time. We don’t have any harsh feeling for any site, but this site is not genuine in any case. They stole pictures from other dating sites as well as from the social networking site. They have an automatic system or a javascript which automatically enables the messages, so that you think the person you are talking with is genuine.

It is just like a blog where you put many images with “add to cart” button and you offer nothing but a Scam. That is what it is; A scam. You can look for other reviews posted by us, if you are looking for a good dating site. Please read reviews before visiting or paying to any site because it is the matter of your harm earned money.

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