LDS planet is an internet dating site that is targeted at individuals of the Mormon faith. These are individuals who are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints. There are many dating sites on the internet that are religious based. They allow people to hook up with partners of the same faith. LDS Planet enables individuals to locate a partner that believes in their Mormon religion.

The profile information on this site is too simplified and does not include other aspects of the individual. The main area of focus for this website is the matching system with a person’s beliefs which are of the Mormon faith. So basically you have to sign up and start locating people who live nearby. There may be small differences in your profiles such as age difference etc, but it is most likely that you will find someone that would be a match.

It is free to sign up and create an account on LDS Planet. After creating a free account, you can search the site and create your personalized profile. If you locate someone who you like and will want to contact, you will have to upgrade to a paid membership plan. Luckily, they are among the cheapest dating sites online.

A one month subscription plan cost $9. If you desire more months, there is a 3 month plan for just $12.32 and also a 6 month plan for just $16.99. There are lots of cheap prices for all of the benefits you will get. You will be allowed to send emails, receive emails, perform advanced searches, use the instant messenger tool and so much more. With your paid membership, you can also upload video and audio files of you for other member to see.

If you require customer service, there is a form online for you to fill out and submit. Then a representative of the customer service unit will respond to your request within days.

LDS Planet is a well designed site and also very professional. Currently, the website boasts of thousands of Mormon singles who are on the site and are looking to all manner of things like love, marriage, pen pals or friendship. If you are an individual who do not have a Mormon belief, then you would certainly not want to give this website a try. That is why the membership has not increased to millions. This is however an advantage to Mormon believers as it increases their chances of locating a soul mate who is compatible within their locality.

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