Healthy Marriage Tips for Couples

A healthy marriage makes for a happy life and these tips are here to help you achieve one.

1. Learn to Communicate ‘Love’

Although most couples can’t get enough of the words ‘I love you’ during the initial stages of the relationship, these words start to fade away or become repetitive as time goes by. While it would be advisable to tell your husband/wife that you love them, using other ways to express your love will help spice the relationship and take it a notch higher. Some of the best ways to do this would be to identify what he/she loves, then do it for their sake. This can be anything from doing the dishes, washing his/her car, or even preparing his favorite meal. Your spouse will appreciate the action/gesture more than the mere words.

2. Spice It Up

Sex is one of the essential things in marriage. While it’s vital for the health of your relationship, you should avoid getting entangled in the same old poses, tricks, and styles. Regular sex will make the bond much stronger. Spicing up your sex life will make it magical. Some of the recommended ways you can adopt to avoid the monotony of the same styles and tricks would be by trying new poses, challenging your partner, and even introduce sex toys to the mix. This should take your intimacy levels to the next level.

3. Learn to Complement Each Other

Complimenting your wife or husband goes a long way in cementing the relationship, and key to a healthy relationship according to ClarityClinic. You don’t necessarily have to say it, but show that you appreciate their attributes and success. Compliment him/her on a job well done and focus on the positives. While you may want to address some negatives in him/her, do it gently and don’t dwell so much on it. Even appreciating the effort he/she puts in the relationship, or work is enough to get them going.

4. Make It Interesting

Try to make your day (or each other’s) or week as exciting as possible. Unlike your regular work schedule, you can surprise your spouse with a spa weekend getaway, or even bring her an unexpected gift. Sexy lingerie or even chocolate will trigger her sensual self. If your wallet allows it, why not plan for a romantic trip to France or any other destination she/he has been dreaming of going. However, don’t have to spend tons of money to make him/her happy. Simply arranging for a picnic in the woods, a sensual massage, or even go to the spa would be enough. Be sure to bring a bottle of wine with you on the trip.

5. Respect One Another

The worst thing you can do to your partner is to take him/her for granted. While it may be easy to get comfortable with what you get, resisting the urge will help you appreciate your man, or woman, all the time. Just because he takes care of the bills doesn’t mean you should take it for granted. Assuming your spouse will only get you into an uncomfortable situation, or even worse, start wishing or open the door for temptations. Remember the saying, a ‘bird at hand is worth two in the forest’.

6. Learn to Take Responsibility

Marriage is an ongoing project. The only way the project will be successful is by dedicating your all to it. The only way you can do this is by learning to take responsibility for the mistakes you make, flaws, and everything else that might put the marriage at risk. If any of you are on the wrong or have an argument, take responsibility, apologize, then move on with loving each other.

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