Flirtomatic is a dating website that is quite unique in a number of little ways. Primarily, it encourages flirting in an online environment. The dating site is free to use, and there are over a million active members as of now. With loads of photos, videos and features, the site offers an extensive experience to anyone trying to have some fun online.

Unlike majority of dating sites where it is hard to find even a single profile picture of many of the users, the members of this dating site love to upload photos and videos. That is what makes the whole experience very entertaining. Due to the availability of a huge number of profiles, it is easy to find people who seem interesting as well. Although the website interface could have been a bit better, because we felt that it is not the most easy-to-use dating site out there, the website makes up for that by retaining its appeal in other ways.

Flirtomatic has a range of features to keep users occupied. First and foremost, it allows you to have basic live chat line with other members. You can view who are online at the moment, and you can rate other people based on your experiences. Others can rate you too, and you get to know who rated you in case you want to know that. The search option is quite inclusive; however, it is not as versatile as we had hoped it to be. However, there is one feature that makes the dating site a whole lot cool, and that is the ability of a user to send flirt messages to hundreds of different prospects at once. Now that is something you do not see too often! Other than that, a user can send winks, receive mails, reply to mails and do many other things without having to pay anything.

In case you have noticed, this dating site offers a wide range of features totally free of charge, even though almost all other similar sites demand a user to have paid membership in order to use such features. That is the reason why the site has gained a great reputation within a short duration of time.

All things considered, this dating website cannot be regarded as the best in the world. However, if you are looking for a flirt-centric site that can offer loads of fun without being heavy on your wallet, then this site is for you.

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