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English: Harley-Davidson Hummer single-cylinder motorcycle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are lots of dating sites online to choose from. Some of these sites are regional making it easier to locate dates nearby and others sites are limited to preferences, age or personality types. Other dating sites cover the globe and accommodate every dating preference by their size. I am writing specifically about online dating services that targets bikers.

Here are quite a few questions you may ask yourself before searching for a biker boy or biker girl using an online biker dating service:

1. Do you love biking? Are you a biker girl or a biker guy already? When you are in a relationship with another biker who shares the same interest in motorbikes, you both will have something in common which generally is a good thing. On the other hand, someone who love riding motorcycles may find happiness with someone who do not like the idea of riding bikes. Opposites do attract also in relationships.

2. Do you really want to to have a biker buy or a biker girl for a date? I’m not suppose to ask this question but I’m doing so just for the records. Sometimes, people do things because of the influence of their colleague or someone they admire. If you are looking for a biker and you find one, you may find it extremely difficult to transform that person into what you actually want.

3. Do you desire a biker mate just for the adventure or because you are fascinated about motorbikes? Would you be satisfied with a match with someone with a rebellious nature who has no inclinations for bikes? If this is true then you should use another dating site that is not targeted at bikers alone.

4. Would you find it difficult to travel to a distant location to meet personally with the person you have found on a biker dating site? When an online dating site is targeted at a particular group of people, that would mean that people who fall into that category in your area may be few and your possible choice may not be from you area.

5. What type of motorcycles do you prefer? The personality of members of the site will differ depending on what kind of bike the person loves. He or she may like Harley’s, motocross bikes or crotch rockets. Be sure to include this choice in your user profile on the site.

6. Would you like to belong to or dislike gang affiliations? Whether you are aware of it or not, some bikers belong to a gang. A biker may be associated with Harley bike sub-group. That may not always be true. You will have to note your preference on your profile or better still, inform the biker boy or girl you interact with as quickly as possible

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