Social Networking Sites for the Differently-Abled – Try It Today

Networking online has been instrumental in helping people connect with their old friends, voice their opinions on various topics, and make friends with new people. Today we have amazing platforms where even people with disabilities can connect, engage in healthy conversations and build an amazing community of sympathetic individuals. This has led to an increase in online participation by the differently-abled.

Why choose exclusive social networking sites for people with disabilities?

The common social media websites, like Facebook, have a proportion of insensitive people who troll, and make people with disabilities the butt of the joke. The differently-abled are unfortunately subjected to unwanted cyber bullying, trolling and ridicule, which could lower their self-confidence, and sometimes lead to depression, affecting their overall mental health. When you have a website exclusive for people with disabilities, you’ll find empathetic people, people who accept you for what you are, the type of personalities you would want to befriend. It also provides a great platform for people to share their stories, thereby improving their self-esteem and helping them get over the fear of making new friends. Once you have connected with wonderful people, you will also have the confidence to log on to common websites and handle indifferent people in a mature way.

Reasons to join

Social networking sites exclusively for people with disabilities have been built by compassionate people to provide a safe environment for its members. You will find websites where only authentic members can log in, so there is no question of fake profiles. Websites like perform background checks on unsuitable members in order to validate their authenticity, and monitor profiles for inappropriate behavior and cyber bullying. If you’re looking for a partner, there are also dating sites for the differently-abled. Browse, find matches and connect; you can eventually find your soulmate!

If you’re a private person, you can make use of websites which provide private messaging options. This will help you communicate effectively without giving out any personal information.

Blogging your opinions

Many differently-abled people have started their own blogs, especially on WordPress, Blogger and Tumblr, helping them share their stories to the world.

Support forums on websites

Almost all websites provide support forums where you can report cases of bullying and harassment. The functionality of most websites is easy and simple. There are incredible people who will assist you, if you do not know how to use certain features on the website.

How social media has helped people with disabilities

There are numerous differently-abled people who have shared their success stories online. While some have made new friends all over the world, some have even been offered jobs that suit their lifestyles. Social media networking has bridged the gap between people with disabilities and able-bodied individuals, helping them talk about their personal battles and medical conditions in a positive way. It has contributed in helping people get rid of their self-esteem issues, and has been a great initiative to help people connect confidently.

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