Personal Seeking Arrangement Experience of Dating Two or More Sugar Daddies in Australia

In Australia, dating multiple sugar daddies on Seeking Arrangement is the ideal dream for Australian sugar babies. It would be nice to say a Sugar Baby’s job is easy – always exciting with trips to luxurious locations, gifts, money, beautiful clothing, shoes, etc. However, I’ve come to the conclusion that the lifestyle is a job in itself – it’s got some serious responsibilities behind it.

Part of that reason is that I have not one Sugar Daddy but multiple sugar daddies. Some sugar babies see this as being successful. However, juggling my sugar daddies can be a real struggle at times when Seeking Arrangement in Australia.

Where My Guilt Lies

Every sugar daddies in Australia I have live within 30 miles of where I do, and they don’t know about one another. Two sugar daddies attend the same club on a regular basis. They’ve even asked me if I’d like to go with them several times. Two sugar daddies work in the real estate field, and they’re constantly competing to sell the same property.

Every one of my sugar daddies asks to see me twice a week and the weekend. I can’t tell you what I have told them or the pictures I have sent. Two sugar daddies call me a different name and that can be rather confusing. I feel guilty about this. Why? I worry they’ll learn of one another and that I’m biting off more than I can chew.

Schedule Conflicts

It’s a huge problem, only compounded by the fact that I am a full-time student. Due to my studies, I have a limited window of time with my Australian sugar daddies. For instance, Eden would like to see me on Tuesday and Sunday morning. Steven would love to spend all day Sunday with me. Jack and Kevin want me Saturday night and all day Sunday. I’ve gotten Steve to accept me on Fridays and Kevin on Saturdays. Still, I have a class at noon on Friday. Darrin has gotten needy and now wants to negotiate my time for all weekend and Wednesday.

It’s a real conundrum.

I also have another problem with one of the sugar daddies – the problem is known as the “boyfriend complex,” where he wants the benefits that come with being a boyfriend such as regular visits, phone calls, text, email and sex.

On top of that, I spend a fair bit of time getting ready for them. I have to get my nails and hair done on a weekly basis. This takes work and time – precious time.

Then, there’s the possibility that they’ll learn of one another and everything I worked hard for is gone.

If you juggle just one sugar daddy in Australia, it’s not as difficult, but two or more and you’re just asking for problems. The battle and struggle are real. I’m trying to find time for them, myself, my family, my friends, school, etc. So far, I’ve managed to balance everything out, but the price I pay is no free time and a loss of friends.

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