Note the Signals: Your Ex-Boyfriend Wants You Again

Is it the right time to say yes to a reunion? Should you plan ahead and get back to where you left him? What are the signs that are being sent your way by your ex-boyfriend? The signals that clearly show that your once special-someone does not want another go at the relationship is often difficult to distinguish from the ones that show how he still nurtures a soft corner in his heart for you. Maybe he is more alone and broken-hearted than aloof and angry? How about checking out these tell-tale signs that will make you understand if he is concerned about the breakup and still wants you back. In case there is any chance for both of you getting back together, then do not hesitate and start the process of mending his heart.

Is he still in contact with you?

In case the guy has moved on, is too much into another find, or has just returned to collect his things, then he will probably not make any effort to get in touch with you again. In case he calls you on lonely nights, physical intimacy may be the only thing on his mind. It is for you to assess how broken-hearted he really is. If he has been giving you random calls soon after the breakup then it may just be a result of the leftovers of the relationship between you two; do not read much into these calls as they may not signal a return trip. One way of understanding the underlying meaning beneath the next call would be to feign unavailability. Chat for a short while, say that you need to run and will call back to chat later on. You may want to repeat this a few times to understand whether he is punctual or just giving booty calls. Once you know, you will be able to decide whether to go along or not.

He tends to show off?

Has he done something absolutely fantastic, dramatic or stupid that’s creating a rage on the grapevine? Is he trying to catch attention by escalating risky behavior? In all probability he is completely heart broken and is trying to make you respond with a call. If you are getting fair enough signals from common friends that he desires to meet you then you may want to get in touch with him and meet up thereafter. The same rings true if he has started contacting your friends and family members once more.


So, if you feel that your ex is ready to walk back into your life, you may like to ponder on the ways that lie in front of you. Sites like are very helpful in showing you the correct moves when you find yourself on such crossroads. Do log in at the earliest to understand whether you should give a cold shrug and move ahead on your own, or take the decision of standing behind him. 

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