Baby cribs – 10 most important things to pay attention to

A baby spends majority of time in the crib, which makes it so important for a baby crib to be comfortable, safe and practical. A bed for a toddler should also come with the above mentioned characteristics. When buying baby furniture, we should not only focus on eye-pleasing appearance but mostly on future comfort of use as well as our baby’s safety. Below you will find a handful of information on choosing a baby crib and a preschooler bed, which are the most important things to pay attention to when buying this indispensable piece of furniture.

Baby cribs – the introduction

Baby cribs for infants come in many variants in Polish stores. The abundance makes it difficult to pick a particular model. Baby cribs attract with their rich design, multiple useful additional features and equipment. The market offers things like traditional wooden cribs, tourist cribs, as well as cradles or carrycots.

What should be the characteristics of a baby crib?

Baby cribs for an infant or an older child should first and foremost be comfortable, safe and functional. The first two are for the child, whereas functionality is a feature meant to help parents in their daily nursing activities. In order to meet the expectations of caregivers, manufacturers try to equip their cribs with as many additions as possible, like drawers, a changing station and different conveniences. One such convenience might be a drop size, removable rails, and also the ability to convert a baby crib into a bed for an older child.

Baby crib variants

Baby cribs come in many different types, colors and shapes. As for the sizes, the most popular ones are 120×60 cm and 140×70 cm. Baby cribs sized 120×60 cm will serve a child more or less until the age of two, whereas those sized 140×70 cm can eventually be converted into a preschooler bed. The child will be able to sleep in such bed until they’re at least five or even as old as seven.

A very popular option is a baby crib with a drawer to store all the essential baby accessories in. Also popular are cribs with a drop side, with a storage compartment and with a changing station. Most of crib models come with a bottom height adjustment feature.

Baby crib with a drawer and a cradle

Traditional baby cribs or tourist cribs are only the most popular solutions. When choosing this important element of a baby’s room, it is a good idea to consider buying a cradle. A cradle is especially a good idea when it comes to newborns and younger babies. It is cozy, the baby feels safe like in the mother’s tummy while in it, and the swinging motion is an effective way to sooth a baby and reduce their crying. Cradles are not recommended for babies older than four months, though, due to the fact that a child becomes much more active during the later stage of babyhood and needs more space. Therefore a cradle or a carrycot (which is a variation of it) is a brilliant transitional solution.

Also relatively popular are baby cribs on rockers. During the early babyhood they can serve the role of a cradle, then some time later the rockers can be removed. Which means that such crib will serve the baby for much longer than a standard cradle.

What to pay attention to when buying a baby crib?

Baby crib size

As we have mentioned before, the size matters when it comes to baby cribs. If we don’t want to have to buy a new bed two or three years down the road, we should go for a bigger size. On top of that, we should check out whether a particular model can be converted into a daybed for a preschooler, as not all bigger baby cribs come with a structure that makes such conversion possible. The amount of free space in a particular interior also determines the size of the bed chosen, a baby room also needs to have space for other baby furniture.


When it comes to rails, it’s not just about the ability to remove them, it’s also about their spacing. For the safety of the baby in the crib, the spacing of the rails should be no wider than 6 centimeters. What is also very important is the ability to remove the rails. This also impacts safety. A baby that can walk already will try to leave the crib on their own, and removable rails make it possible to them. Trying to climb their way out might be dangerous to the child.

Adjustable height in a baby crib

Obviously, a baby crib should have adjustable height. It is the best if there are three adjustable levels. For the convenience of parents or guardians, the highest level is used when the child still can’t sit up. The lowest adjustment level is intended for crawling and walking kids.

A baby crib and the workmanship of it

Workmanship is a very important issue. A crib should be solid and stable. A crib should be durable – further down the line, once the baby grows a little, they’re going to jump and bounce in it. It is a good idea to go for a natural wood crib. What also matters is the finishings. If the crib is painted, we should find out whether the paints used have all the adequate attestations and whether they’re safe. The workmanship of a crib should be very high-level. A crib should not have any sharp edges or details that the baby could rip off or get hurt with.

Additional functionalities – a crib with a drawer

Additional functionalities are subject to personal preferences, but they can make many nursing activities around the baby simpler. One good idea is a white baby crib with a 120×60 cm drawer. A baby crib with a drawer will not only provide extra storage space but also allows to keep the baby accessories within a reach. A drawer can be used to store baby bedding or baby clothes. Another interesting idea that allows to save time is a crib and dresser combined with a changing station. A crib and dresser with a changing station is much more expensive than standard cribs, but it’s a good idea to consider getting one.

Baby crib additions

It’s a good idea to equip a crib with rail paddings to protect the baby from accidentally hitting themselves. Models from certain crib manufacturers come with such padding included. The baby’s nursing accessories can be stored in a box hanging on the outside of the crib or you can choose a crib with a drawer where you can store not only accessories or the baby bedding but also toys. When choosing a crib model, we should check out if it can have a canopy installed over it, which can also come in handy sometimes.


It is not common for stores to have cribs that come with a mattress. In most cases, this particular element is bought separately. There are different types of mattresses. Every baby mattress should have adequate certificates and attestation confirming safety of the materials used to make it. Recommended mattresses for babies and toddlers are latex, coconut, linen or buckwheat ones. A mattress should not be too soft so that the baby’s spine can develop properly.

Regardless of what crib model we choose, what matters the most is the comfort and safety of our baby. All the other aspects become secondary here.